Sunday, April 1, 2012

If I were a fertility clinic, I would...

buy a billboard. Or a commercial. Or maybe both. And explain to anyone who would listen:
"if you are a woman over 30 that wants the chance of pregnancy - freeze those eggs baby".  Seriously. Why don't they tell us how DRASTICALLY our odds decrease as we women age? They'd make more money if they did.

Sure, sure, sure, we hear about "our biological clock ticketing", but I never even thought of what that meant. I've spent most of my adult life trying to make sure I didn't GET pregnant. When people talk about a woman's biological clock, they don't even put an age with it. I though it meant there was some internal biological EMOTIONAL clock that tells childless women they want babies as they age. Had no idea it meant "your eggs will turn craptastic with every passing month."

I swear if we are lucky enough to have a baby, I'm going to post those age egg charts all over facebook and google + as a PSA. Normally I wouldn't because I don't like people knowing my biz, but this is serious. Wish someone had done it years ago when I was first married.

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