Saturday, March 31, 2012

Test results - Phase 1

When I first started investigating infertility, I noticed ALLLLL these tests that people were either posting about or asking about. In the interest of other OCD peeps that likes to compare everything under the sun, I've listed mine below.

Estradiol: 30.3
FSH: 12.4
LH: 4.7
Progesterone: 3.84
Prolactin: 1st test - 12.0; 2nd test - 14.8
X-Prolactine?: 6.9
TSH: 1st test - 3.77; 2nd test - 2.38
AMH: 1.7

The first prolactin and tsh actually has an E before it, but the X ones were on the same day. Not sure what that is about...

From what I understand, my FSH is troublesome. :-( We have to use surrogacy because I had surgery a few years ago that removed most of my uterine lining. It has grown back in many areas (causing me problems), but still tons of damage and the doctors do not believe I can carry a pregnancy. 

I really hope we can use my eggs, but only time will tell. Don't get me wrong, I would love any child equally, but I would really love to see a child that is a mesh between my husband's genetics and my own. My father died when I was young (accident), but both he and my mother come from an intelligent, attractive bloodline. 
Course some of us are a bit loopy, so if we can't use my eggs then I can focus on the fact that the child won't get that. 

Ahhhhhh - the ups and downs. 

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