Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Does not mean what you think it means

Every time I think I know something about India, a concept or something, my husband dutifully informs me I am wrong in my perception.

Dang it.


  1. AH it happens :)

    All the best & Good Luck

  2. That's funny. Everytime I thought I understood something about India I would see the reverse happening so I totally get it!!! I do know this though...India is using it's technology well and making further technological breakthroughs because countries like my own are too restricted to take these chances. Unfortunately many countries get tied up in political and moral debate for many years. I am so thankful that we were able to turn to Dr Shivani at SCI in India - at least we now have hope for the future (albeit early days in the pregnancy). All the best

    1. Exactly!!! It happens all the time to me. I've come to realize that things tend to be very localized and what might mean one thing to one person in India, can mean something completely different (or nothing at all) to some someone else in India.

      Congrats on your early days!!!


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