Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just the quote I needed today

Just started my new book, The Sacred Thread: A True Story of Becoming a Mother and Finding a Family - Half a World Away, and the opening page has this quote:

"At one end of this world, there is one woman who desperately needs a baby and cannot have her own child". And at the other end, these is a woman who badly wants to help her own family. If these two women want to help each other, why not allow that? They're helping one another to have a new life in this world."

   --Dr. Nayna Patel, medical director
      Akanksha Infertility Clinic
      Anand, India



  1. That's brilliant! I am going to go buy that book right now for my Kindle. I've just finished what I was reading and had been searching for something like this. Thanks for the post! I'll start reading backwards on your blog to catch up. Best wishes!

    1. Yea, I searched for the subject on Amazon on a whim and then was like "OMG!!!!" (Ok, I didn't really say that, but I felt it!)
      Imediately put it on 2day shipping, but found out yesterday that the delivered it to the wrong house (was suppose to get it Friday.) I've got it now though!!! I've put another book to the side (on IVF) while I gobble this up.

  2. Just bought it and reposted the quote and a link to the book at Amazon.com on my blog! Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Just started reading it today. Just the thing I needed right now! We are going to the same place in June and it really gives me great encouragement.

    2. Yes, I just saw it today and was so happy to read about this book!!! If you have any question, I'm happy to try and answer what I can based on my experience. We're also heading back in June for a second trip and are crossing everything that this will be our time. Are you going to be in Delhi? Best wishes!

    3. We are actually going to be in Anand with Dr. Patel in June. I've been to Delhi before and enjoyed it very much. My husband and I stopped there after visiting family. If you've never been in the summer before, it's deathly hot.

      I'm sure I will have tons of questions soon! Thanks so much! I'll hold you to it. :-)


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