Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday surprises

Pic I took with iPhone of the Golden Gate Bridge
in San Francisco while we were tandem bike riding 

My husband is awesome. I mean seriously, are-you-kidding-me, all kinds of awesome. Tuesday evening (the 24th) he told me he was going to work from home on Wednesday. Thought to myself, "that's nice. I'll need to try and make sure I don't distract him." Late Wednesday morning he hands me a sheet of paper with a 5 day forecast. He then tells me to go pack because we are GOING ON A TRIP FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I had no idea where we were going, but I was excited! Asked a few questions to give me somewhat of an idea of how to pack, but I still had no idea if it was local or what. Later I finally ask him if we are going on a plane. He confirms we are and then I immediately start worrying about our animals. (Normally I make the arrangements and we have 3 dogs/2 cats.) Fortunately he had everything covered and had been planning it since January. Yes January!!!

We rushed to the airport, groaned to find the parking lots full, and then cheered when we found a spot in the secret parking lot that I had heard about, but never purposely used. I still had no idea where we were going, but after our tickets were picked up my husband informed me we were going to San Francisco. I was already excited when I thought we were going to Houston (we had a lay over and that's what my ticket said.)

I'm not sure how we packed so much into 4 days - but we did! My husband did an incredible job of pre-planning and even with the few obstacles we encountered (eg., Big Sur Marathon closing the highway to Big Sur) we still had a great adventure.

Here's a quick list of some of the things we did:
Thursday (my birthday!): Napa Valley! I only had a tiny bit of wine, but the views and restaurants were breath taking! That evening he took me to a fantastic French restaurant, as is tradition on my birthday (Italian for his!) (We've done the French/Italian thing since we first started dating.)
Friday: Pier 39 + Fisherman's Warf to visit the sea lions and attractions, followed by a tandem bike ride along the coast and across the golden gate bridge. In the evening, he took me to the San Francisco symphony.
Saturday - some shopping in China Town, grabbing lunch with a friend that lives out there, and walking around visiting shops, festivals, cafes, and some restaurants. We had Jim Gaffigan tickets for the evening.
Sunday - We got up early and drove to Big Sur. We were stopped for a few hours as CA-1 was closed due to the Big Sur Marathon (I don't know how people run that!), but that was enjoyable as well. We drove back to San Francisco and then took the red-eye home.

Can you believe all that? Holy cow! A week ago I was dreading my 40th birthday and this week I can easily say it was the best one yet.

If you ever hear me complaining about my husband for any stupid reason (as spouses sometimes are known to do), you have full permission to cyber slap me. I am, indeed, a very lucky girl.


  1. What an awesome trip! I love SanFran and you were able to fit in so many things! Big Sur is beautiful, did you go to Pfeiffer State Beach? What an amazing husband you've got!! Happy belated birthday!! Remember that 40's is the new 30's :)

  2. We only had a short time once we reached Big Sur, but that was okay (we had to get back to return our rental car by 7pm in SF.) The drive alone was amazing. The marathon was super cool to watch. Extremely inspiring! I don't know how people did that on those hills, let alone 26 miles!

    About a week before my birthday I was beginning to get a little depressed about it (which I hadn't expected.) Now I'm all like "bring it!". lol.

    I totally have an amazing husband!!! He def earned an entire brownie pan on that one!

    1. Yes, totally agree, the drive is awesome. And YES! 26 miles alone is insanity! Talk about the ultra marathons!! And those hills!

      Glad you enjoyed your b'day, it was a hard one to swallow for me too but a great trip makes all the difference!

  3. How brilliant is he? Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love your tradition of French food for your birthday and Italian for his. It is so nice to have memorable occasions like this. All the best and yes your hubby is definetly a keeper!

    1. He had planned it for months and had several people (family and friends) in on the secret since January!

      Best to you and yours as well!

  4. Wow, you're a lucky woman indeed! Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! Pier 39 is incredible I've heard - totally jealous about that one! Have a fantastic week!


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