Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inflexible - literally

So I'm trying to get into yoga. It's not the first time, as one can plainly tell from my unused yoga video collection, but I don't think I've ever made it through one whole video. Sad, I know. I'm willing to bet a few have never been open. (Easy money since I already know.)

We try to work out at the gym regularly, but lately that is not as often as we would like due to my husband's work schedule. Since I know it's important I exercise, I dug out some old videos and bought some mixed ones (has dance as well) that I think I will enjoy in the privacy of my own home. Baby steps.

Once my body gets over the initial protest, I think the stress relief will really help. I've got to do something to help relax. Hopefully my body will be all "WTH" that I won't even notice that missing long hot bath and giant glass of wine that I'm yearning for.

As my wonderful Indian in-laws say, "No tension!" :-)


  1. I can barely touch my knees when I bend over. My husband makes fun of how stiff my legs are all the time and I was just starting my next blog post with how jealous I am of Brady eating his feet:)

    Good luck with yoga!