Sunday, June 3, 2012

What to pack...

Everyone is asking if I am packed for my trip to India, so I guess I should go start.

I hate packing for big trips. You don't want to over pack, but you certainly don't want to under-pack. Way over-packed for my last trip, thus I will probably under-pack for this one...


Better get to it. Any advice? I've been to India before, but my brain always stalls when packing.

UPDATE on 06/04/12: 

I'm updating this list in case anyone in the future needs something to check against.

I think I'm good on clothes. I've packed a few short-sleeve salwar-kameez, couple of light-weight saris (seeing family in Mumbai first), some jeans, various shirts, and the rest long skirts. Also packed the standard toiletries and makeup bag. Oh yea, and undergarments - of course.

Still deciding on which shoes... I've been on a hunt [obsession] for good travel shoes for awhile.

Here is hubby's non-apparel list to me:

Books to read - paper and electronic
Breakfast bars
Toilet paper (the Indian ones may be too rough for you) (I love that he knows this!)
Wet wipes
Hand sanitizers (if we are out)
Soap (for bathing and cleaning our clothes; we can use the same soap)
Band aid

Here is the additional things I came up with:
birth control pills
compression socks
easy snacks to eat when taking BCPs
anti-bacterial wipes
small flashlight
Gatorade/hydration power packets (thanks SKhan!!!) 
extension cord?
dry fruits/nuts
microwave popcorn
notebook (to record journey AND to keep copy of receipts/expenses) 
money - dollars and Rupees
hair brush (it weird how often I forget this) 


  1. I am sure you know that people are modest dressers in India, so as many light-weight pants/shirts as possible. Besides all the obvious clothes/toileteries, I would suggestion bringing hydration tablets. It's so hot there this time of year and these are helpful if you get dehydrated or sick.

    1. Thanks! I've never seen those before. Those look way healthier than the gatorade ones.

  2. I didn't see deodorant on your list! When I went to India the airplane lost my luggage!!! It was a nightmare trying to find replacements for my stuff. I remember I couldn't find tampons, this was 20 years ago, so it could have changed... I imagine you will get a period after BCP. Sorry if it's TMI :)
    Also, for my IVF at CC.RM they told me to take Metamucil to help with the constipation that the hormones cause, maybe some of that?
    Mosquito repellent, I needed it when I was there.
    Alarm clock
    That's all I can think of. And all the best of luck to you!! xo

    1. hahaha. I would be stinky without deodorant! That's in my toiletries bag.
      Thanks for all the other info!!! I would have totally forgotten about the period necessities! My lining has been going back over the last year and every period catches me off guard now!
      Thanks again!


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