Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to baby 500 and 501!!!

Sign at Dr. Patel's clinic
Today was very exciting at the clinic and we were asked to stay after our shots. They were having a major celebration as the 500th surrogate baby was born today (technically it was twins, but the focus was on #500). We were more than happy to stay for the festivities.

After popping 2 balloons to help decorate, I gave up. One of the doctors teased me that it was a good thing no one was near delivery time because of the loud bangs. Had not realized so much media would be there and it was a little overwhelming for me as those things tend to be. I was pulled over for some photos, but I'm fairly certain that I didn't even make the crop. I seemed more in the way then anything else.

There were babies all around, but the
two new stars were the focus. There were so cute, and despite their tiny size, looked healthy. Dr. Patel worked her magic with the media and as always, was stunning to watch.

After all the interviews, cake and samosas were passed around. Yum! I needed some sugar after all of that excitement. A gorgeous 5 year old girl had taken a shinning to me and I thought of her as we exited the clinic.

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