Thursday, June 7, 2012

Off to a bad start

Today we fly to India. This is what has happened so far (posting from phone):

-They inform us at the airport that they can't print our boarding tickets for the Paris-Mumbai leg of our flight. They don't know WHY, they just can't and they are SURE it's not because they may not have our seats available.
-On that note, they are fairly certain we WON'T be able to sit together. We sometimes have a problem with this domestically becz my hubby is not a citizen, but we have never run into it internationally. Oh yea, and I have problems flying and have to keep my feet elevated. I'm sure whomever is sitting next to me won't mind my feet in their lap.
-The TSA guy is yelling at everyone, including my husband. This never bodes well as he does not cow tow to TSA ever.
-We opt out if scanner (as always) and go through the biggest pat down I have ever received. I've recently been opting out becz of our fertility issues.
-The girl behind us (between 8-10) decides to kick and bump our chairs the entire flight. I say something politely to her mom and to her several times, but it does no good. The last hour I turn around and almost in tears (have not slept) and tell the mom/guardian to please make sure it stops as it has been going on all flight. She looks at the little girl, says "ok" like it's a big hassle and rolls her eyes.
-We land and my husband realizes that TSA did not return his laptop.
-We go through Paris security and I realize they did not return mine.
-Air France gets us seats together.
-TSA or ATL airport can't be reached since it is middle of night in USA and TSA is ONLY for USA.
-I realize that I may have been using regular cell phone instead if google phone. Expect big charges.
-I call brother who works at airport. Don't realize that he has to get up in 5 hours to go to work. Feel like an idiot. They are looking into it for us.
-No sleep. Extra emotional from BCPs, but I've somehow managed to hold it together so far. I predict I'll cry before this (new) day is over.

5 minutes later:
And I just walked in to the men's restroom...


  1. Oh! Hoping for much better stay and results in Delhi! BIG hugs!

    1. Thanks! It got better, though we think they broke my laptop. Won't know till we get home. We were in Mumbai a few days with family, but now at our final destination in Anand.

  2. OMG, what a day!!! I can't help but laugh about you walking into the men's restroom, I've done that myself a few times, lol.

    TSA needs to ship your lap tops to you, that is really not cool. What a total nightmare! But I have to tell you that a bad start does not mean a bad cycle, I've seen cycles that go super smooth and are not successful and the other way around. Hang in there, hopefully this will just turn into fun stories to tell your children one day. xo

    1. They just turned them into lost and found. Mine is broken now so we are not going to risk shipping them and getting more damage.
      From an emotional standpoint, everything is fine now. Fingers crossed. :-)

  3. Oh my. Hope the rest of the trip picks up for you.


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