Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Plus 2 Minus 1

Yesterday we were given the good news that the two tiny follicles were responding well to the increase in meds. That means we were up to 6! Today we were told that I have 3 on one side (responding well) and 2 on the other. Down to 5. :-(. On a good note, we'd probably be down to 3 had we stayed the course as the 2 on my left side were the tiny ones.

On a separate issue, we are going to have to retrieve on Sunday instead of Monday. Normally the doctor is not at the clinic on Sundays, but one follicle has grown so large (23mm!) she fears we will lose our chance if we wait. So a Sunday retrieval it is.

We met our surrogate yesterday and she is quite lovely. 34 years old with 2 boys and had a successful surrogacy 4 years ago. She is a half inch shorter than me and is the weight I was when I was pregnant so long ago. In my IVF book, with the exception of 38-40 IP mothers, gestational carriers have a higher rate of pregnancy for all ages. Sometimes over 10% higher. For 38-40 it's about even. This sounded pretty interesting to me even though it currently doesn't apply. Here's a pic of the chart (keep in mind the picture and blog post is from my phone. The darker line is for those who used a surrogate / gestational carrier.)


  1. It looks like it's lining up well. My fingers are crossed for you!

  2. Nothing is predictable, is it??? Super good luck to you on Sunday for retrieval and the subsequent transfer!...I have a good feeling about this. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Looking like we'll be in the 2 week wait together as my ER is set somewhere between Monday and Wednesday (latest). Hang in there and best wishes for a good weekend!

  4. Fingers crossed for Sunday, I'll be thinking about you and sending you good thoughts! xo


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