Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Off to see the wizard

In the waiting room
One can safely say the traveling to a different country, even one you have been to before, is a bit like Oz. Sometimes it's stormy and things are quite different. India is no exception. It's been a few days, but I think it will be a few more before I'm not dizzy from the tornado anymore.

This morning I was able to awake early, mostly because I played catchup with sleep yesterday and last night. I woke around 5am and my husband woke just around 6am. Even so, we relaxed as we got ready - until the luke warm shower startled me awake.

Our room at La Casa is very nice and even though it's a little farther from the clinic and though most westerners are at the closer Rama, I am glad we chose it. My husband thinks they may have upgraded us.

The tiny rocks in my sandals are an attest to us getting a little lost, but now we are sitting in our air conditioned room (separate from the regular clients) with 4 other ppl: an Indian couple and an Indian woman with her mother. I'm fairly certain this is the IVF room and tell my husband as much. I overhear the word "cycle" mixed with Hindi and I feel confident in my guess.

Now we wait. There is an autographed picture of Oprah watching over us (Dr. Patel was on her show) next to the god Ganesh. Between the two, I'm hoping at least one will shine favor upon us.

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