Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First day jitters

Our nice A/C waiting room is for IVF peeps only. We waited only a short time (by universal doctor standards) to have our initial consult and then blood drawn. After which, we grabbed some lunch at The Rama Hotel's Thalis restaurant. Both my husband and myself enjoyed it very much, although it was on the sweeter side of his preference - typical of Gujarati cuisine according to him.

After lunch, we came back to the clinic as directed. After another short wait we were able to see Dr. Patel. She was concerned about a high estradiol level and we went over the dreaded "you're 40 speech". I appreciate the honesty, but that is one "tut-tut" I've grown weary of, regardless the source. We followed up with a scan that gave us more bad news: only 3 follicles and a 2cm cyst. The cyst would have to be aspirated to insure the highest chance of success. Come back at 5:30pm. Eat or drink nothing.

"Ok!!!! Wait what?" We had 3 hours to burn in the heat of Anand (currently at 104 F) and I was instructed not to drink. Fine. We took a rickshaw/tuk-tuk (my first ever!) to the famed Big Bazaar (BB) where even the girls in Bedazzled burkas stared at me. The BB here is like a really tiny Walmart with food items. Even though the drinks were in a refrigerated area, the want to drink was too much and I walked back over to the skin lotion aisle. The Nivea whitening lotion I bought is a testiment on how well marketing works (I've seen the commercial 30+ times now, and it has convinced I'm covered in spots from skin damage, even though I'm not positive that's what the Hindi spoken commercial says.)

After BB, we return to the hotel for an hour, and then back to the clinic. At the clinic, in a not so A/C area, I'm handed a consent form to sign. I ask what it is for and I understand it is for the anesthesia; it's at this point I realize I will be getting GENERAL anesthesia and not local. Ask my husband to confirm this and he does. Crap. I'm not known for doing well under general anesthesia. I prepare myself (and others) for the liklihood of puking.

Fortunately, I did not puke when they woke me up, but my husband was asking me what the class of antibiotics was that I have a problem with. Once we figured that all out, an older lady in a white sari added a yellow liquid filled syringe to my empty IV. They let me rest till I was good and ready to come back downstairs.

Dr. Patel informed us that once the cyst was aspirated, she could see 14 follicles. Yay!!! I had to confer with my husband that I understood correctly. Not because any language barrier, but because I still felt a little loopy. He said yes and I was jubilant, if not completely dexterous.

That pretty much was the end of our first day. We went back to the hotel for me to rest, which really turned into me going to bed for the night. My poor husband missed dinner for the second night in a row.

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  1. I am just getting caught up on blogs...wow!! I never knew a 2mm cyst could block all those follicles! Great that the aspiration went well. Being over 40 sure does come with warning speeches huh!! Best of luck and keep us updated.


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