Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Plague and Me (or is it "in Me"?)

Grouchy, achey, and sick - that's me. (If I've offended anyone about anything, I apologize. My mind has been fraught with sickness, worry, and anger.)

I've had the flu for 3 days now AND my OB/GYN appointment last Friday revealed free-flowing fluid on my ultrasound. Not good. My doctor is suppose to call me with the results (radiology/ultrasounds are done in a different place then his office), but so far he has not. 

Having had an indeterminate* PID type infection many years ago, I know what a problem having free-flowing fluid can be. Last time it included antibiotics for about 6-8 weeks,  trouble walking for weeks, tons of abdominal pain, and admittance to the hospital for almost a week. Not exactly prime for IVF treatment. I'm willing to bet that's what caused one of my fallopian tubes to be blocked. 

If I don't hear from my OB/GYN by tomorrow morning, I'm going to have to call and explain that I need to get on antibiotics STAT. I should have gotten an extra dose of antibiotics after my last IVF treatment. The first cycle I asked for it because of my past issues, but I forgot this last time. Just went with the normal 1 treatment after IVF. Did I mention I don't react well to some antibiotics? Particularly the ones that are usually Rx'd for this sort of thing. Sigh.

And this stupid flu. I have so much to do before I start work on Monday and I'm too exhausted to do any of it. Was suppose to get a cavity filled tomorrow (that I've put off for MONTHS because of IVF) and now that's not going to happen. I certainly won't be able to take care of it when I first start work. Double sigh. 

Found out today that if I had gone to the doctor within 48 hours of flu symptons then I could have gotten an anti-viral that reduced the symptoms and reduce the length of time I was sick. Thought there was nothing you could do for the flu. Now it's been more than 48 hours. Should have gotten the stupid flu shot, but was worried about it with IVF. 

At least I have my wonderful husband. Not only makes the best homemade soup ever, but laughs at my grumpy faces. 

*the doctors never found the cause of the infection though I was later told it probably resulted from a polyp removal I had a month earlier. STDs, the most common culprit, was ruled out. When I asked why my doctor gave a diagnosis of PID, I was told "because that is what we label any infection of the pelvic area regardless if we know the cause or not".


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