Monday, October 8, 2012

Still in Limbo

We were suppose to get the update today. We didn't. Which is not surprising, because sometimes that's just how it is. 72 hours will give a better picture of where we are at anyway.

Woke up a 4:38am and started checking email. Realized around 11am it wasn't going to come. Hopefully I will wake at a normal time tomorrow morning.

Rather than write out a long post (and rather than reread what I wrote yesterday), I will just recap what I sent to my mom this morning.

yea, I know she is looking for the hcg value to double every 48-72 hours, so she may have not been able to do the test today, knowing that tomorrow is just as good (if not better.)

Just as an FYI,
At 14 days
any value over 25 is considered pregnant. 
any value under 5 is not preg
5-25 is indeterminate

Ours was 27.44
The average for 14 days is around 100. The value doubles every 48-72 hours (for many many weeks.) If you do not see the value doubling, then it is cause for concern that the growth may have stopped. This can be from ectopic pregnancy or that the embryo has just stopped growing and the body will usually miscarry it naturally. Happens all the time and of course at my age the chances of miscarriage is higher.

So I guess we are waiting to see if it is still growing properly. From what I understand, a low value could have been caused by the embryo implanting itself a little late, or it could be the embryo that fertilized late (1 out of the 3 did.) .  Healthy babies have been born with initial low hcg values, but it significantly lowers our chances. A statistic I saw said that <35% will be successful when the value is between 25-50 at the 16 day mark. Low hcg has no bearing on the baby's health after it is born.  If it is growing slowly, then there could still be chance and they will just monitor every 2-3 days until the 5-6 week mark when an ultrasound would show if there is a gestational sack and if it is empty. At least this is how it is done in the US. I haven't asked her yet. 

Literally in limbo and I guess it could go either way.


  1. I am wishing you the best of luck and I hope your beta increases. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy with a beta of 30. My Re never considered me pregnant ( but I might have been a day ahead of you so you can't compare numbers) but had me return in 48hours to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I remember asking is there any hope and he said very unlikely - we don't consider it a positive pregnancy for anything under 50.

  2. I hope and pray your beta increases. I have been in a very similar situation after a donor egg transfer, and it was one of the most painful times of my life,I genuinely believe it's so different when it is not your body, worse in many ways because of the 'lack of control'-I could get hcg tests whenever I liked for example. You sound like you're being so very brave. Take my strength (if I have any left) and use it for a while. xxxx

  3. just to reassure you that it could be a positive... we had a low initial 24 and that slowly crept up to 56( thought it would never be viable)... they think he implanted late and just continued to run 2 weeks late... behind his twin brother/sister....but now we have 3 babies( we had 2 surrogates) who are nearly 18 months old!!


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