Saturday, October 6, 2012

Congratulations - you MIGHT be pregnant. Maybe. Kinda sorta.




Ok, I feel  a little better now.

This morning's email:

Dear Kristina,


Beta hcg is 27.44 which is low. Report attached. We will repeat it on 8th October.

Which immediately sent me to google of course. In my bed no less. On my iPhone.

The first website that caught my eye was this one: Beta HCG levels - and how to interpret them. Good title right? That's what I thought too. Don't bother reading it. 7 paragraphs to basically communicate this: Beta HCG levels vary according to the gestational age. In a non-pregnant woman, they are less than 10 mIU/ml. They are typically about 100 mIU/ml 14 days after ovulation in a healthy singleton pregnancy. Well that was helpful said NO ONE EVER who had a low Beta hcg.

After perusing a few other websites, I get slightly more helpful information (LMP stands for last menstrual period):

weeks since LMPmIU/mL
35 – 50
45 – 426
518 – 7,340
61,080 – 56,500
7 – 87,650 – 229,000
9 – 1225,700 – 288,000
13 – 1613,300 – 254,000
17 – 244,060 – 165,400
25 – 403,640 – 117,000
Non-pregnant females<5.0
Postmenopausal females<9.5
Another website says anything over 25 is considered a pregnancy. Others saying that low count could be a result of the embryo implanting a day later. 

Lots of websites say that it could be fine, but then I start googling low beta hcg level. Not a good idea. See a lot mentioned about ectopic pregnancy and other non-viable pregnancies. See anecdotal cases where everything is doubling as it should, but it takes weeks and weeks to basically conclude it's not going to happen. 

So basically we're in limbo. And it sounds like if it is a viable pregnancy, then we may be in limbo for another month. 

2ww extended. 


  1. Oh that is never easy news to hear, prepare for the worst but hope for the best...if you can. X

    1. Yea, it is truly absolute limbo. I keep going back and forth between hopeful and pessimistic.

  2. Fingers crossed for a positive result and quick exit from your state of limbo!

  3. Oh. Not what I hoped to read but still, we must hope and believe. Hope there is a bully, sticky, naughty embryo that just makes a little practical joke before it sticks really hard and grows to a healthy bubba. Stick into the uterus, you silly little embie, you are so longed for!!!

    1. I was a late baby, my he's a late implanter. At least I hope!

  4. I don't know what to say, I wish I could give you a huge congratulations... there are women that have started with a low number and have beautiful healthy babies at the end, many say that the important thing is that it doubles in 48 hours, hope I get to see a nice big number on Monday. Hang in there, this might be it. xo

  5. Hang tight and keep good thoughts!
    Hugs to you and yours.


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