Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm fairly certain this makes me a Crazy American

Especially given the looks I was getting from the store clerks...

Now if I can just figure out a way to feed the homeless dogs I see everyday on my walk without
a.) having them maul me
b.) having them follow me
c.) offending anyone

UPDATE: Ok, apparently I'm not too crazy. Saw a guy today on his moped with his dog in his lap (complete with sindoor blessings on the dog's forehead), with his child and wife seated behind him. 


  1. People will think you are crazy for feeding the dogs and might also be angry you are feeind dogs before the people/children.
    Yikes.. it's dangerous too. Those dogs are no joke. Rip the bag open, drop it on the street and run.

    1. Anand is unique to most places in India in that you do not have people/children starving like you see in other parts of India. It's considered a very prosperous community. We only came across 2 beggars last time: 1 did not need it and the other my husband gave money to. Unless I see that they are trying to scam me, I'm pretty likely to give people money or food.
      I'm going to guess since he let me feed cows last time, that I'm not being too off. I'm also not going to try to hand feed them or anything stupid. Probably just leave little bits on my trail where I know many dogs walk. The dogs here are extremely tame and walk/sleep/eat around people. I remember last time watching one try to play with someone's fluffy pet dog.

  2. I get it. Another crazy American here. Just be careful.

    1. Yea, I think I'll just avoid leaving food in the area I walk through where a bunch hangout together. Otherwise I can just leave it on the ground if I see one walking opposite of me on my morning walk. If I do that, they are less likely to associate it with me I think.


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