Saturday, September 15, 2012

Days are flying by: Day 6 - Part deux

Good and bad.

The bad was the AMH results, but for reasons I will not go into right now, I don't have absolute confidence in the results from the blood peeps. That could be a preserving mechanism, could be erroneous results, maybe my cyst threw it off, or maybe the results were simply wrong. Whatever. I'm not going to focus on that either way. PLUS, from what I understand, AMH is a direct reflection of follicle/egg count and if that's the case then it doesn't make sense that....

MY FOLLICLES ARE WAY UP! I have 11 that are growing. 7 of them are good sized. The 4 smaller ones can always potentially catch up, but I'm very happy about the 7 follicles. That's much better than last time.

(pic my send friend sent me during my 1st cycle)

I realize that 11 follicles isn't earth shattering news for some, but it's great news for me. Let's just hope that they have good eggs inside and that will grow into great embryos. 


  1. grow follicles grow, great count x

  2. I think this is wonderful count! I SO hope that they all will grow to mature sizes and that one or two will become beautiful, cute and soft babies :)

  3. 11 is better than zero so I think you should for sure celebrate!! (save the wine til after the egg collection)

  4. Great news! 11 is fantastic in my opinion and as you said much better than last time so that is all you can ask for.

  5. It's a positive piece of news. Hope this bodes well for the rest of the process. Take care


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