Friday, September 28, 2012

Boobies. Let's discuss

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Great. Now I'm craving boobie boobie cupcakes. And feel weird. 

Seriously. Does anyone else's boobies hurt during/after a cycle? Because mine do. They are super sore and sorry to be so frank, but my nipples get hard in that painful way quite easily. (Sadly, not in the good way.)

After my first cycle in June, a good friend of mine for 17 years exclaimed over lunch how ginormous my boobs had become. Truthfully, my boobs are normally pretty ginormous thanks to former pregnancies and an inexperienced plastic surgeon from 13 years ago that I saw after I couldn't take looking at the droop in the mirror anymore. Apparently he didn't think I was serious when I said I DIDN'T want large boobies. He gave some excuse of them getting so big when I was breast feeding that he had to go with a bigger size to fill, but if that was the case then he should have pushed for a lift instead: BEFORE my after-surgery-surprise. Anyhow, I graceously pointed out to my BFF that HER own boobies are bigger than mine, thank you very much.

Wait what were we talking about? Oh yea! My boobs hurt. And while I'm not sure if their size has increased (it's possible), they actually remind me of how my boobs hurt during my last month or so of pregnancy. Hurting boobies started again with my September cycle.

Is it my imagination? (Note: there is no possible way for me to be pregnant, so banish that thought.)  No, it can't be. My nipples can cut glass at times and my poor husband gets his hands slapped if he tries to go near when this happens. I assure him that it doesn't mean I'm excited to see him (at least not right THEN). My thoughts fly to how I could get away with asking someone at the massage school to "rub my boobies", while maitaining a straight face, preferably not flushed completely red.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that any manipulation of your girlie parts (NO NOT THAT! - I'm talking about IVF or similar) can have the potential of a boobie reaction. When will it go away though? Is anyone else experiencing this or have you in the past?

If we are lucky enough to have a baby, a part of me considered trying to lactate, but screw that.1 It may have been 20 years since I breastfed my son, but the boobie soreness is all coming back to me now. There's no way I could deal with this again for a year. And I'm sure my husband couldn't.

1 I know that all women don't experience this and/or deal with it better than my sorry butt. Have GOBS of admiration for any women that can induce lactation with pregnancy. Let's just say I have a low boobie pain tolerance and leave it at that. 


  1. I experienced the same but I can't remember for how long after the cycle.
    I am breastfeeding, as you might know, and it is so worth it. It's what boobs are made for :)

    1. Thanks for the info! Yea, I seriously considered it BEFORE I started cycling, but that was before I was reminded about how much they hurt. I don't know if I am more sensitive or what. They REALLY REALLY hurt. I've always had sensitive boobs. The implants make them more-so I am told.
      I also get extremely worried that breast feeding with my implants would literally cause my skin to tear in spots. It's very thin in areas and on my small frame I already have to order special size bras. I looked into getting the implants removed and lifted, but the cost was so high (15-20K) that I had to drop that idea. Especially now with all of our IVF costs. I think the weight of them (both during breast feeding and now) is a part of the pain. I have veins I had to have examined because they hardened due to the weight.
      To give you an idea, my breasts went to 34G (from 32B+) when I was breast feeding before. I'm a 32E now. When I asked my OB/GYN if it was possible that they would grow the large size again with my implants in, he said it was possible. I've wanted to have them redone for a really long time (they're obnoxious), but the cost for vanity was alway a deterient.
      Anyhow, I'm jumping the gun. No need to over-worry unless we get pregnant. Maybe I would feel better if I just order a few new super-tight workout bras.

    2. I do understand you. And they do grow. Just the other day I went through and threw away old bras - nursing ones and the ones from the time before I had Jennifer. The pre-baby ones are way to small on the cup front. The first nursing bras I had with Jennifer were (european size) 75(cm)E. Later on I could go back to wearing 75D nursing bras.
      But with induced lactations they don't grow as much, according to my experience since the overflowing first period when you start to breastfeed doesn't accur. So the D-cup has been well enough this time.
      I definitely think you must consider your own health first. Breastfeeding is amazing and so good for the baby but it only works when both parts are comfortable with it. And you would need to take BCP for a while in order to induce lactation - which I remember you don't tolerate very well. Erik still breastfeeds, even it is more as a cozy thing for us. He loves it and I'm extremely proud of being able to breastfeed him. It was a battle to win for me. It is fantastic for a baby to be able to breastfeed but it doesn't mean that the ones who are bottle fed suffer. They do well, too! :)

    3. Thanks for the additional info! Def lots to think about.


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