Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arrived and all is well

I realized last night that I hadn't posted an update. Getting to Anand is not a quick journey and I usually am a bit "off" for a few days when I get here. The travel was smooth but long. Here's an approximate timeline

4:45pm - board plane
6:30pm - plane takes off (45 min delay).
fly 8 hours. Different time zone.

8:30am -  Amsterstam time land.
9:00am - unnecessarily rush to see where my next gate is. It's 2 gates back. Go through security. Realize after standing in line I can go through Sky Miles line. Switch lines. Go through security. Board around 9:45am.
10:20am - flight takes off for Mumbai (7 1/2 hour flight, time zone changes again).
10:30PM - land in Mumbai.
11:30pm - through customs and see nephew waiting outside to pick me up.

12:30am - arrive at BIL/SIL/nephew's flat. Eat, talk for a bit and try to get a few hours sleep
4:45am - get up and get ready to go to train station. Nephew is riding with me to Anand
6:30am - train leaves
11:50am - train arrives in Anand
12:30pm - check into hotel, eat lunch, see off nephew (he is riding train back to Mumbai)
4:00pm - pass out (I didn't sleep on train for fear I would miss our stop.)
8:00pm - wake up. Eat dinner. Contact everyone I need to contact. Watch a movie, read, pass out again.

Still adjusting and don't get a blog post out (but I think of some interesting ones to post!) Go exploring in hood (ie, walk to clinic and a restaurant..) Still adjusting to time change.

Monday morning: now. Off to see the doctor. This will probably be an all day affair as not only do I have to do blood work and exam, she's been out of town, and she has to squeeze me in to aspirate my cyst. Meaning I have to have general anesthesia. I'll be too wonky to post then. And if I do post, there is NO telling what I may say. :-)

Here is a pic of a warm-and-fuzzy I brought along for the trip. I'm pretty sure he ate all my ice cream.


  1. That's pretty cute!! But he should be scolded for eating all your ice cream, not fair!

    That's a long way to get to Anand. I'm glad you had some time to rest and that your nephew was able to pick you up and drop you off. Glad to see you are very well taken care of. Good luck with the cyst. Keep us posted!

  2. Many greetings to Anand and just the very very very best of luck!!!

  3. Awesome! I hope things went well with the cyst, and that you are right on track for the cycle this time! Best wishes!


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