Friday, September 14, 2012

Days are flying by: Day 6

I've met the most interesting people this time from all over the world. Couples from Africa (including Casablanca!), Europe, Japan, China, USA, and of course many from other parts of India. My husband and I  are not even the only mixed couple this time. There is a Chinese lady married to a Norwegian, a lady from South Africa married to an Indian (they just had twin boys!), and a Irish guy married to an India lady (who graciously invited me to dine with them at lunch yesterday.)  Everyone is super friendly and I feel much more relaxed.

Well, except for today. Today I get my AMH results back and a sonogram to see how I am progressing. I'm  very scared. I've had flash thoughts of having to tell my husband "don't bother coming". Fortunately I'm not obsessing over those thoughts, but this morning they are definitely there.

Have had several mini-adventures that involve me trying not to get lost while still exploring new places. Managed to find the Anand version of Target on foot, something that I am extremely proud of given my propensity to get lost. Doubly exciting as my flip-flops broke on my walk to the clinic that morning. The road was a slushy mix of mud, trash and probably poo (lots of cows here!), thus barefooting it was not really an appealing idea. Was able to pull a temporary McIver move with a safety pin as you can see below. It held till I was able to find Target - yay!

Also managed to find the baby Mart (called 7-eleven), but that was a little more hectic as I ran into a couple of hustlers along the way (more on that later.) This almost never happens with my husband around and it's interesting to notice the difference. Often I tease my husband for walking around with such a stern look on his face, but now I see why.

Well that's it for now. Have to get ready to go to the clinic.

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