Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 9: 12 are good to go!

12 follicles are between 16-21mm and 1 is at 14mm. YAY YAY YAY. This is so much better than last time (and with the original 5 we thought we were starting with). I'm still on the antagonist protocol, but with extra meds that Dr. P says has recently shown really good results in poor responders. Now let's just hope everything else goes well and that the follicles are filled with good eggs, that make good embryos, that make BABIES. It would really suck to feel so positive this time to have it all go to crap.

We are going to retrieve on Thursday. My husband has switched his travel plans and it taking an earlier flight into Vadodora, where the hotel car will be waiting for him. We nixed the train idea. That should shave a few hours off his time, so maybe he will make it before I go under. I hope so.

My husband wanted me to ask the doctor if we could do the retrieval in the afternoon, but she said she doesn't want to take the chance and compromise everything. I knew that would be the case. If we don't time things exactly right, then we could miss our window, especially with my larger follicles.

So Thursday it is. Right now my husband should arrive around 8:30AM and I am scheduled for retrieval at 9:30am. With any luck he will be there to hold my hand before I have to go under. Hoping that Dr. P is able to retrieve many and that they are good.

While we are waiting, here are some pics of a small local temple nearby.


  1. I am so so so excited for you. The number is very good and I hope sincerely that your husbands trip goes without any delays. Best wishes!!!

  2. Talk about cutting it close!! Very exciting that you have responded so well!!! Do you think all your vitamins etc hekped?

    1. I know, ryt??? lol
      I'm hoping that all the supplements helped, but I also know that the doctor changed my meds up a bit. Lots more shots and she says it's ONLY for poor responders. So maybe it's a combo of both? I guess it will really count when we see how many eggs. I only had 2 out of 5/6 follicles last time.

      A lady was also telling me that often people respond better on subsequent cycles when they are close together. She is in the medical/lab industry and her and her husband decided to do back to back cycles based on that. It was nice having her to bounce a lot of my questions off of.

  3. Sounds fantastic numbers-wise! I'm so pleased for you! Will be thinking of you on thursday, and I hope your husband get's there in time ! :) Either way I really hope it all goes very well. xxxx

  4. Oh wow thats super, so pleased your numbers are looking great and the hubby mamged to change his timings, will keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, wishing you the best for thursday! x

  5. So excited for you!! Best of wishes!!!


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