Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tick Tock - you don't stop.

from:  https://homes.bio.psu.edu/people/faculty/bshapiro/research.html 

My husband told his family recently that we are considering other clinics, but that he was leaving the final decision completely up to me. That said, we have to make our decision very quickly now. Time is of the essence and even though I promised him I would have one for him last night , I did not. Primarily I am waiting on some information from 2 clinics, but if I don't get it soon we may just have to make a decision without them. 

I'm 40 years old and every decision has to be done quickly to optimize our chances. Not only because my eggs age with every passing month, but also because I am not working while we go through this period. As I had a very good salary previously, that becomes a huge hit with every month that passes. Especially when you factor in all the extra expenses. Not to mention I'M 40. Sigh. 

My husband knows my proclivity to procrastinate when weighing all the options (I obsess over details) and  has a "super-power" to know what I want before I even voice the finality of it. If I don't have an answer for him in the next few days, he will take the lead and decide based on the facts I have given him. Knowing it's what needs to be done, I won't mind a bit. 


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