Saturday, July 28, 2012

An argument, a wedding, and a memorial


Last week had it's ups and downs that melted into this week.

1.) An argument
Hubby and I had a big fight about if we will try again with my eggs after my second treatment in September. He's of the opinion that if I don't have a significant change in number of eggs retrieved, than it is pointless to even try. I'm of the opinion that it takes at least 2 cycles to even know the best treatment path. Truthfully, I see his point, but we really didn't need to GO THERE until we see if I improve at all. I need the hope right now.

We are going back to our original clinic. We had to make a decision and truth be told, our other India option did not get back to us with information promised; even after reminded. In fact, after the reminder I was basically told that the original person that was getting the information just had a baby and no information on if someone else would be getting the info or how long I would have to wait. I'm 40 years old and I really can't wait - hoping that they will get back to me. Every month lowers my chances. It's a shame because I really thought we would be going there instead. Maybe we will if they ever get back to me and IF I show improvement; two big ifs.

2.) A Wedding
My little (half) brother was married last weekend. The only reason I put "half" is because of the #3 part of this post. He is not part of that side of the family, even though he 100% part of mine.

Any how, the wedding was great and I could not be happier. He asked me to be the photographer and I happily acquiesced once it was known that I only "play a photographer on TV". Expensive equipment != good wedding photographer. The wedding was small, but really wonderful and I was able to spend time with family as well as people I have not seen in a really long time.

I spent the two weeks prior practicing with my camera and now need to spend a fair amount of time editing the wedding pics I have. Very critical of myself, but I hope they like it.

3.) A Memorial
My father died when I was 3. I won't belabor all the wah-wah tragedy of how it affected my life, but I will say this: with the exception my Grandparents and 2 others, the rest of that side of the family (which is large)  has pretty much ignored me most of my life. What is that saying? "The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference."

Last fall my Grandfather died and I was fortunate enough to be able to say my goodbyes by flying over to Sweden a few weeks prior. My Grandfather was the closest thing I had to a dad growing up. There was a funeral in Sweden, but half of the ashes were kept to be delivered to the US, as all of the children and grandchildren live here. In typical fashion, my family consulted neither me nor my older brother about availability for a memorial date. We were told last week that it would be in Sept.

While I tried to explain that I would be in India for medical reasons in September and asked if it could be rescheduled, I was informed that reservations had already been made by others (only a day later) and the date was chosen because it had the best weather for NC. Great - now I fall below weather. For the first time in my life, in a long, but respectful manner, I told them that their lifetime apathy towards my father's side of the family (my brother and I) was unacceptable. As the good little, quiet girl, I'm sure it has sent ripples throughout the family.

I don't pat myself on the back for adding grief during a hard time (as one Uncle put it), but for my own sanity it had to be done. Grandpa died last fall and they have had plenty of time to contact us instead of "oh freaking well - this is the date we choose - too bad for you." My grandfather told us we were to be considered as the stand-in for my father, and we have never been given that respect.

Maybe since I've finally said it, I can move on. Maybe this is the wake-up point where I tell myself that I need to make sure I'm not an absentee family member to my nieces and nephews. Maybe I won't keep myself up at night wondering why the hell so many didn't give a damn for so many years. Maybe I can accept that is our role, I've had my say about it, and concentrate on those around me that have CONTINUOUSLY SHOWN love as long as they have known me. Maybe. 


  1. Families can be so trying. I am so sorry they show this indifference towards you and your brother. I hope things get better for you.

    1. Thanks. I'm better today, but it's been trying for my internally over the last few weeks. Yesterday started off awful with a response, but then ended much better with a followup.
      My genuine hope is that something good will come of it all. Maybe I wasn't as respectful as I like to think, but hopefully it will bring us closer and not farther apart. Either way, it is a heavy weight lifted to have finally said something.

  2. (HUG) for you, that sounds like a long week, sorry to hear the other clinic did not get back to you :( keeping my fingers crossed and sending you positive thoughts for your next cycle :) i forget the correct words but it goes somthing like you can pick your friends but not your family, sorry to hear about your grandfather and you missing the memorial. you, your bro and grandfather all know the love you shared and that cant be taken away xx


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