Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Waiting Sucks

Waiting sucks.

Sitting here in my cube, waiting for an update. Checking to see if my phone is on ring. Or if somehow, miraculously, I've missed a call even though my phone hasn't been less than a foot away from me all morning.
I look at the clock on my computer and realize only a minute has passed.

Do they wait longer to call if it's bad news?
What time was the GC's blood appointment this morning? Was it 8am or 10am? Can't remember and I'm afraid to call in case she has bad news of her own from spotting.
What if everything is fine and they just forget to call? That's happened before. Even from our other clinic.
What if it's bad news and they have to wait until the doctor can call us to explain?
Why aren't they calling???



  1. Fingers crossed for great news! Waiting on these phone calls are the absolute worst and really add a lot of anxiety.

  2. I hated the waiting before my son was born we are now blessed with more waiting in waiting for people to do as they agreed and help us home...over the next four months!!

    Enough about me, wishing you very good results today. X

    1. Oh wow. Hope you are able to get home soon!

  3. I'm SURE you'll get good news!

  4. My experience this that on the weekends they call early bc they want to go home:). I imagine they will call between 1-3pm. Don't be shy though there is nothing wrong with you calling or emailing !!!!

    1. You were 100% right. I remembered that the normal call back time was much later during the week.


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