Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where Can I Get My Drugs?

No seriously. Who has the hook up? I need advice on who the cool [read: GOOD], reliable, fast online/mail order companies for fertility meds? Fairly certain that the email I just read from our clinic was saying that I will need to order mine (and our surrogates) in the next few days.

Here was the reply when I asked about getting the meds:

Once you are ready to get started, I will send this prescription to a mail order pharmacy and they will call you to set up payment and shipment of the medications.  You will need some of them within 14 days of starting a cycle.  The others you will need a few weeks after that.  I would recommend getting the meds as soon as you are ready to proceed.

Honestly I don't know if that means 14 days before my next cycle or 14 days after my current cycle start - which now that I think about it, is the same thing really. Since my period started on Sunday, that means I need to get the full list and make the purchases.

I hate having to rush rush rush everything, but it looks like that's where we are now. Have no idea about what happens with being able to claim this on taxes for anything that spills over to next year. I know you have to reach a minimum percentage of your income to claim medical, but can you only claim what is OVER that percentage, or do you to claim the first part too? I'm trying to figure out how vital it is we make our Dec 31st deadline. It's vital from an old eggs perspective, but I don't know how much it will end up costing us if we can't claim it all on our taxes this year.

Any tidbits you guys can throw my way I would really appreciate. The last two days of trying to balance 4 individuals' schedules for treatment, make sure everything is asked/answered for our upcoming cycle, work, getting a plumber out (yay! We have water!), make a community meeting that we will be a named plaintiff in, more work, AND cart my 12 year old Min Pin back and forth to the vet for dental surgery (9 extractions!) has my head spinning.

(BTW - my Min Pin is a total hillbilly now. All of his front teeth, bottom and top, were rotting due to age and not enough space, and had to be removed. He won't show me now and is working the cheese angle.)

No wonder I need a good hook up for meds. Give me a heads-up and I'll keep it on the D-Lo. 


  1. You will need your medication 2 weeks before your period. This will include your ivf stims and trigger. You will likely need suppression medications for your GC to start when you start stims, then a week or so later you'll need ,steroids, antibiotics and progesterone for your GC .....the GC meds are not expensive so I'd personally just order everything at once.

    My GC started estrace for lining , then my DE stopped the bc got her period and started stims on day 3. My GC started progesterone the day of the retrieval along with steroids, and antibiotics , transferred a 5 day blast and continues progesterone until pregnancy test. If positive for 12 weeks.

    Hope this help - my RE gave me a daily calender of what was happening to each party involved.

    1. Thanks! That helps a ton!
      I will ask my RE for a calendar too! I'm calendar crazy!

  2. Tax question - you can deduct anything that is over 7% of your income .so if you income is 100k the anything after the initial 7k can be deducted.

  3. Medical and dental expenses that are greater than 7.5% of your total AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) are deductible in the amount that exceeds the 7.5%. Your accountant will probably have to do some quick math or you'll need to do a draft 1040 with some estimates to get to your AGI. I'm certainly claiming MY surrogacy expenses this year! Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks - that's exactly what I thought. I was out of work this year, but out AGI will be much higher next year. Your comment confirms that I really need to get as much as I can in this year.

  4. ivfmeds.com
    I used them and they were great, just scan and email your script when prompted after placing your order. Delivery was like 3 days! Super quick!

  5. Check with your insurance company - I am luck enough to have drug coverage for IVF but they only cover mail order and IVF medications though CAREMARK . Caremark has been fine to work with and everything ships the next day over night delivery. My RE doesn't allow the use of many online Rx bc poor quality control and many buy returned medications at a discount.

  6. Visiting from ICLW. I used Freedom Pharmacy and they seemed to be reasonable.


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