Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cycle Limbo

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Wednesday, when I was sick with a nasty cold (and had to work), I posted that I had questions for our nurse. I updated that post with her answers from her call to me. One thing she told me, was that if our GC's period did not started by Friday, to have our GC call her. I promptly wrote it in my notes (where the questions were), sent a copy of those notes to my husband, and started to put a reminder on my calendar to be sure to call our GC on Friday.

"Started" being the operative word. I was distracted by actual work stuff (people come by my desk all the time) and when I got back to a blank calendar entry - I had no recollection what it was for. Between being sick and mission critical work stuff, I hoped that I would remember. Thursday turned into me only leaving my bed to RUN for bathroom necessities due to an added bonus of stomach flu.

Friday rolled around and I was able to work from home. I also had the outstanding attorney papers (almost 60 pages) that I had to start going through ASAP. By Friday night, something tugged on my memory and I realized I hadn't received the insurance information from our GC yet.

<insert important announcement here> I'll go ahead here and announce that our GC is my sister-in-law. She is my little brother's wife who graciously wondrously volunteered to assist us. <end insert>

In my juggling of balls, I guess I thought that getting the insurance information from my SIL was what I needed to do on Friday that was so important. My period hadn't started, but our nurse had told us that my SIL wouldn't be starting injections for 2 more weeks. I was confused and misunderstood this as her "medications". As in ALL medications.

Friday night my period started and I promptly emailed and called our clinic as instructed. Equally prompt was the automated reply (and answering message) informing me that my nurse was out of the office till Jan 2nd. Great. That meant I was going to have to deal with other people trying to get in for my Day 2/3 ultrasound/blood work. Was able to get a hold of someone at the clinic the next morning and they scheduled me to come in for Sunday morning 8:45 AM to get an ultrasound.

You can probably guess what happened at that appointment. First I got my ultrasound and then I was asked, as almost a side note, if our GC had started her period. When I said I didn't know, the nurse on call asked if we were doing fresh or frozen cycle. As I began to explain that we have to do fresh, it sinks in what I forgot. A wave of panic passes over me, except I'm not even sure why because no one has ever told me what it means if the GC hasn't started her period yet. Then I ask the dreaded question. The very pregnant nurse answers - since she hasn't started her meds to insure her lining will be right, we may not be able to start this cycle.


I guess after seeing my face, she decides to call my nurse who I guess is on vacation. We desperately try to get my SIL and brother on the phone. We finally do. Her period started on Saturday. I have no idea if she was supposed to start some medication then. Preggo nurse (can you tell I'm irritated that I have to deal with a pregnant nurse at a fertility clinic in the midst of all this?) tells me that our personal nurse will call us in a few hours. I go home and listen to an recorded meeting we had with our nurse a month ago. Sounds like my SIL should have come in for an ultrasound and blood work as well today. And it sounded like from the other nurse, some estrogen medication as well. Great - just great.

Now I sit and wait. And try to hold myself together. And try not to beat myself up (which is utterly impossible). And know my husband is upset with my forgetfulness, but trying to hold it together and not say anything.

11 follicles were seen this morning and no cysts. 


  1. Inhale and exhale! Relax....Don't panic, don't be upset, everything happens for a reason, and everything will work out at the end! I m sending you a lot of positive vibes~~~

    1. THANK YOU!!!! Your vibes are fast and really helped. :-) Nurse just called - we are proceeding cautiously with hopes our GC's lining will react as normal.

  2. Sometimes the cycles that don't start to plan work out best - hoping this is the case for you.

  3. Hoping and praying that you experience God's peace through this process. I hope everything can get started this cycle!

  4. Lets focus on the 11 follicals - both of my De cycles were frozen bc they only do Blast transfers and and the lining and the blast were a day off . So being a day behind might not matter and as soon as she's a type one she can start progesterone and likely would be ready for a day 5 transfer.

    Fingers crossed for you - also frozen embryos are very hearty if they survive the thaw - which must do depending on your clinic .

    1. We are not doing frozen or 5 day. In our particular situation it lowers our chances and not advisable.

  5. Try not to beat yourself up. Life happens in the middle of all this fertility crap. It is a lot to keep track of everything. Hope this cycle is still salvageable somehow.

  6. Hi, I really hope things work for you this time. I live in Bangalore as well... and we have had a baby through IVF - my son is now 2 years old... we really badly want to have another child but things just dont seem to be working... I know how hard this whole ivf thing is... i guess patience and emotional strength are so vital in ivf... please keep trying and dont lose hope... sending warm wishes and baby dust your way...


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