Monday, December 31, 2012

Surrogate Insurance: Check and Double Check

After trying for WEEKS to get the insurance handbook from the GC's HR department, they finally are resending a new hard copy, but also gave our GC a pdf copy. An attorney cautioned us not to unnecessarily send up any red flags, but also not to lie. I immediately sent the handbook to our lawyer, and being obsessive like I am, started digging in it myself. There wasn't really anything one way or another. Arggghhhh. Towards the end, they listed a URL "for more information" regarding covered benefits. After digging around on there I found a pdf listed under " Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment document" that has the following clause:

Services related to the use of a gestational carrier in pregnancy, whether the member is infertile
or otherwise, are not related to medical treatment of the infertile woman and are therefore NOT
covered. However, if a woman who is an insured member is pregnant, her prenatal, delivery and
postnatal pregnancy care are a covered health service, regardless of whether she is functioning
as a gestational carrier.

I'm fairly certain this makes me allowed to jump up and down in happiness, but just in case, I've forwarded everything to the attorney. Contract is due on Friday. (Gah!)


  1. Woo hoo! I can't wait to hear if the lawyer confirms!

  2. My limited understanding is that you are correct - our GC is a teacher and her contract is worded very similar. Basically once she's pregnant everything is cover but getting her pregnant is not covered. Our attorney suggested an additional policy for extra coverage and just incase as policies can often change mid pregnancy or her employer could switch companies during the year and the new policy could exclude GC coverage. We added another policy because her policy had good coverage in her home state but she won't deliver there and we also live in a 3rd state . Our insurance picks up the baby the second he or she is born but that would not be the case if we had to adopt the baby at birth with a waiting period. ( meaning some states list the GC as the birth mother and you change it through the courts.)

    So if your in the same state and it is GC friendly your In a very good position -

  3. Yeah, that sounds to me like it's covered! Woo hoo!

    1. Very excited. It was a huge concern of mine given how much surro policies cost.

  4. It's covered!! They just won't cover HER to use a GC woohoo for you!


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