Sunday, November 25, 2012

ICLW Readings and a 10 Second blurb About Me

Quick blurb about me for our ICLW gang from over at Stirrup Queens.

I turned 40 in April and was married 2 years ago in March to a wonderful man whom I adore (usually). My husband is originally from India and I am half Swedish/half American mutt (originally from south FL, but living in Atlanta since my teenage years.) From a previous short-lived marriage, I have a fantastic, 20 year old son.

Due to a surgery I had 4-5 years ago, I can not carry a baby. My now-husband and I discussed this when we first met - and talked about having a surrogate if/when the time came. It kills me how naive we were back then. No real knowledge of the "biological clock" and what we did know we stupidly didn't think really applied to us. We've been through 2 IVF cycles with surrogates in India. First one failed, the second one was a chemical pregnancy. We will give it one more go (either here or India) with my eggs and then we will have to see what we see.

Post of mine that may be of interest (since this one isn't) if you are participating in ICLW Week:
What makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty mist, or the dusky dusk (Courage, going to India alone for IVF.)
Special Lady Cocktails ([Mostly] self-Rxd supplements and feeling ridiculous.)
Another Option (A new, amazing surrogate option presents itself.)
Failed Again (Finding out we had a chemical pregnancy.)

Blogs I read today (from ICLW):
  1. Dreaming of Dimples: 4 years
  2. Pepibebe: Sweet Dreams
  3. FrozenOJs Concentrated Life: 30 Days of Thanks: Day 21
  4. Emma in Mommyland: What is a "Rainbow Baby"?
  5. It's the Journey: Furbabies
  6. Who is this "Fertile Myrtle"?: First Appointment for Removal
  7. One Day at a Time: Infertility Etiquette
  8. The Buggy List: The bewbs are back 
  9. Comatised: Scum Bustin Makes Me Feel Good (comments not allowed)
  10. My (In)fertile Confessions: ICLW
  11. Sweet Dreams are Made of This: Dear Birthmother Letter
  12. We Three Crabs: Friendship
  13. IUI to Roux-en_Y to??: ICLW, OB Update, 25 Weeks
  14. Life is Simple, it's Just Not Easy: November ICLW :)
  15. A Virtual Hobby Story and Coffee Haus: How Campus Racism is a Post-Election Reality
  16. Unexplained Rantings: Expectations
  17. Creating a Family: Creating Embryos Specifically to Donate/Sell
  18. A Bliss Filled Life: Life Before the Bliss
  19. Wandering Wonderment: IComLeavWe Intro
  20. A Glamorous Mommy Life: My Story Part 1

Blogs I read from yesterday. Yes, you may notice I did the ole "start from the bottom" with regards to the ICLW list. Actually, I started randomly and then decided to try for Iron Commenter status.  THEN I started at the bottom. Then I read a few of my regular blogs. Below is list of what I can remember I read. 
  1. Gypsy Mama’s Misconceptions
  2. If You Don’t Stand For Something
  3. Upper Middle Mom: So Thankful
  4. Old Lady and No Baby: Decisions, Decisions & You Want Me to Stick it Where? & First Blog
  5. Journey to the Finishline: From First to Second (&ICLW)
  6. Life As I Know It: Giving Gifts
  7. InDueTime
  8. Scrambled Eggs
  9. finding the peace to the puzzle: A New Beginning
  10. The Quest for the Golden Egg: Still Stuck and Still Tired
  11. Compromised Fertility
  12. Things Couldn’t Be Better: November ICLW
  13. Enjoying the Course
  14. IVF Over 40: A Confession
  15. Rasta Less Traveled: 7 Months 
  16. My Fertility Blog: For Those of You Who Are Pregnant & Sad News & Today is Another Day
  17. Tandoori Viking: Eye Candy :)
  18. 10 Miles Uphill in the Snow: Swallow Study Results
  19. What Am I?: Enjoying It & I Am Thankful & Sick Again
  20. Stupid Stork: Acting
  21. Stirrup Queens: 419 Friday Blog Round Up


  1. Hello from ICLW! Good luck as you attempt Iron Commenter status - I did it last month, and it was quite a challenge, albeit a delightful one! Good luck too of course on your journey to baby.

    1. It was easier on Sat and Sun! LOL. Thanks!

  2. I have thought of trying out for the iron commentor, maybe next month! Hoping that third time is a charm for you and IVF

  3. Wishing you the best on your next IVF cycle. Happy ICLW! #33

  4. You are doing such a good job of sharing the blogs you are reading during ICLW. :-)


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