Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slacker, Community Peeps, 10 Second Rant, & ICLW

I confess. Super Slacker on the post reads today. Mostly because I didn't get home from a meeting with some local community folks (and then dinner) until almost 10pm.

The short of it involves them asking us to be a "named plaintiff" against a big box store that wants to move in right next to me. They need someone who lives close and I don't think you can get much closer than we are. Did we acquiesce? Damn straight. My quality of life goes down the tubes if the stupid mass retailer moves in. So much for me liking my privacy (both as a named plaintiff and/or if they move in.) Le sigh.

It probably doesn't help that I missed taking my supplements most of last week and now that I am taking them again, I have to deal with side effects. Rage Balls with your side of DHEA anyone? Hopefully it will pass quickly. While I have that going on, I'm going to use it as an excuse to go into a 10 second rant on something that drove me bonkers last week. 

10 Second Rant:
I am not a grammar Nazi. I swear I'm not. If you want to know the truth, I'm fully aware that my own grammar isn't that fabulous most of the time. But I hate - really, really hate - when someone's is awful. (If someone is disabled, from another country, uneducated, or similar then they totally get a pass.) There are blogs I can't read anymore because of the writing. Not minor things, but things that make you want to poke your eyes out.

I want to read the story, not try and decipher the jumbled up mess. Maybe it's because of my ADD, but when it's a jumbled mess, it's HARD for me to read. In the end, I just don't read them; it's too frustrating.

And I'm willing to bet, at least a quarter bet, that I am not the only one. That actually makes me a pretty crappy and judgmental person, but I can't help myself at times. I wish I could. This is the part where if I was smart I would erase this whooooolllleeeee section. 

End Rant

If you are visiting from ICLW then
A.) Sorry you had to see that rant. I'm not normally like that I swear. Ok, maybe sometimes.
B.) What took you so long? (LOL Just kidding) and
C.) You might want to start HERE instead for a tiny blurb about me and better posts to read. Except you are at the end of this one already so you might as well stay here.

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  1. I hope I'm not one of those whose grammar is horrific :( I hope I'm one of those with a pass (not my first language) :)

    1. Oh gosh NO! You have great grammar as far as I know! It's the type of thing that there is no mistaking it.

      Like this: "They diecided there goin tomorrw but sally told me no. I dont no what she waz thikn and so i told her that." And it runs on like that for 20 or 30 sentences stuffed into 1 paragraph.

    2. Oh wow, OK, I feel much better now :)

    3. :-)
      I don't think I've actually ever had someone comment on my blog who falls in this category, but I've come across it other places lately and had to rant about it.

  2. As a former English teacher, I feel your pain! Reading some blogs makes me instinctively reach for my red pen! ;-)

    1. Lol. My grammar is nothing to write home about, so if I'm ranting there must be some pretty bad ones. I blame texting.

  3. Haha! I enjoyed your rant, but at the same time was thinking "oh no! I hope I'm not one of those!" It always drives me crazy when people don't know the difference between their, there, and they're. However, once in awhile I will go back and re-read one of my posts and find one of those errors! Gah! Of course, then I have to correct it. lol

    1. Nah - I do that stuff too. That's no big deal.

      It's stuff like this: "They diecided there goin tomorrw but sally told me no. I dont no what she waz thikn and so i told her that." And it runs on like that for 20 or 30 sentences stuffed into 1 paragraph.

  4. Someone not knowing the difference between things like where/were/we're drives me nuts. Having said that, I noticed last week that I commented on someone's blog with something to the effect of "your such a great mom". Argh!

    1. LOL. I think most of us make mistakes like that from time to time and that doesn't bother me. When it's so bad that I can't read/understand it then I get a little nutso. If every other word has something wrong with it then there is a problem.

  5. Your rant didn't really seem all that ranty. :D I'll admit, if the grammar is too bad, then I tend to skip the blog, too. I painstakingly preview my posts to check for mistakes, and inevitably, when I re-read a post months or years later, I find way too many mistakes for my liking. Ugh. So annoying!!

  6. Happy ICLW and thank you for stopping by my blog! I couldn't agree with you more on the rant. I have similar problems, no matter how much I WANT to keep following someone.

  7. Thanks for visiting my neck of the woods...Happy ICLW! Yea, grammar is rather important. Especially when trying to decipher what one is saying...I get off the beaten path every now and then, but I'm a stickler when it comes to simple mistakes. Even after the fact, I find myself correcting & re-correcting. ;)


    1. I do that too - which is very time-consuming given the number of mistakes I make.


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