Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Someone needs to write a paper

An idea appeared in my head that will probably be only interesting to a tiny, tiny subset of people in the entire world. Even in the tiny subset of women that do IVF, it will only be of interest to less than about 1% of those females. And some fertility doctors. And maybe some researchers. BUT THAT'S IT. And only if it isn't a medically ridiculous theory to begin with. (I only play a doctor in my brain.)

Screw it. Here it goes anyway. You can say you saw it here first. I'll be anonymously famous!

I'm wondering if cryoablation, or any uterine lining issue, would cause the pituitary gland to mistakenly produce slightly elevated levels of FSH. 

Feel free to chime in if you have any medical knowledge on the subject!

Trying to get research data on that would be a doozie. You'd need solid baseline before and then calculate proceeding ones with the norm for the age range. Oh yea, and you'd need to find enough women who were having it done.

I'd ask my doc, but I think that would officially put me in the "she asks weird questions" category.

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