Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book learnin'

Started reading IVF: A Patient's Guide, by Rebecca Matthews PhD. In Chapter 1 I have already found at least 1 error (possibly two)* and that is a little frustrating. Also the constant mentioning of how crappy my chances are since I am older is a bit depressing, but all in all, still like the book. I like that's it's written from a factual standpoint, which even with the depressing crap, I can appreciate. Give it to me straight doc. I'll give my full review once I am complete.

If you are similar and like data / academic reading, then run to your nearest college and see if the library will let you have access to the periodical: Fertility and Sterility. Fascinating stuff in there! If your local college library (or local library???) doesn't have it available, then I suggest buddying up with some professor types. They can usually access the articles free of charge online. Otherwise, the individual articles are pretty expensive. I think the first one I looked at was $35. FOR ONE ARTICLE!!! Fortunately I have the hook-up. :-)

 Do you have any favorite books or articles that you found helpful? How about websites. Feel free to share them in the comment section.

*Error(s): Page 6 lists the SART data from 2008 with regards to pregnancy success rates. The rows labeled "Percentage of pregnancies with twins" and "Percentage of pregnancies with triplets or more" are inverted. I knew this instantly because I have combed over SART statistics and went back to verify after reading this. If someone did not know this, then the erroneous percentages for triplets could be QUITE shocking.
The second possible error rate is on page 9 in the sentence "...the triplet rate should be low (less than 10% and closer to 5%)...". While technically this is correct, in my observation of triplet rates, I noticed numbers that hovered more between 1-3.5%. Unless my memory is wrong OR I am completely misreading something. (Not unheard of.) 

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