Monday, March 19, 2012

Unnecessary title explanation...

I suppose I could classified as one of those people that tends to over-think mundane things. On one hand I believe it often gives me great insight, on the other it plaques me with time-consuming obsessive thoughts on the meaning of, well, hell, most things. Mundane or not. That said, very late last night I decided to write this blog and 5-10 minutes later I decided on the name.

While I could (and will to some small degree) laminate on what went into the name, the short answer is that it was very late,  it seemed catchy, and I finally got around to reading "A Passage to India" a few months ago. That's kinda it in a nut shell. Somewhere in my tired mind it made sense given that my husband and I have a complex relationship of west meet east, even before the idea of Indian surrogacy entered the picture. You see *cue dramatic music* my husband is from India and I am from the US. That gives us a unique perspective into our upcoming journey. One I feel may help others - even those who are not in the same situation.  

I haven't read extensive literary essays on the meaning of "A Passage to India" (nor do I plan to), so I can only base the title on what I took from the book. Without going into a day long book review, the end result is that it is about the struggles that occur between cultures, great sacrifice, injustice, and acceptance. Other things as well, but that will suffice for now. Maybe I will manage to weave all of the different meanings into this story where it is fitting. Maybe not. Now that I think about it, I don't even want to laminate "to some small degree". For now, I'll try not to over-think it, for there are far too many prevalent things to over-think at the moment. 

Welcome aboard. Please fasten your seat belts - turbulence is expected. 


  1. Okay, I'm going back to the beginning of your blogging journey so I can fully appreciate following your story now!! My seatbelt is fastened :)

    1. lol. You're so silly. I've got a few I've got to do that with as well. I didn't post nearly as many stories as I have. A bunch sit in a virtual pile. Ugh.


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