Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're going to have a meeting about the meeting and get back to you.

The nurse called today and initially told me what I thought she would: "The doctors had their meeting and your doctor wants to schedule a consult with you to discuss the results. Wait what? Earliest we have available is next week. How will that work for you?" GAAAAAHHHHHH!

Seriously? I have long thought that doctors operate in a different world where test results are just little things on pieces of paper that get moved around and talked about while sipping tea. No rush. Take your time. One lump or two?  It's not like we are waiting for each minute to tick by. The internet feeding our fear like a hypochondriac on WebMD. This confirmed my tea theory and it took me all of second to decide that I was NOT going to wait another 6 days.

"So what does it all mean? Are we still ok to use my eggs?" Nurse: "oh yes, it just means the doctor will probably want to give you more fertility meds and you should think about freezing some embryos now. It could take months before we find a gestational carrier." And there it was. We were still a go with my eggs and of course, my husbands gametes. (Is it weird that I don't want to post the S word?) I didn't have the heart to tell her we were going to India instead.

Now we just wait for our meeting about their meeting about our test results. Where they tell me "TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!!" As if I didn't already know that. Hopefully I will have a zillion more questions by then. Wait....that's my hopeful? I may need to schedule a meeting with my hubby to discuss this...

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