Monday, August 27, 2012

Random ramblings: career change decisions PART 2

"A funny thing happened the other day...."

"Funny ha-ha or funny weird?"

"I dunno, just kinda funny I guess."


Yesterday I wrote a blog post about changing careers. It has been on my mind of late, and I constantly go back and forth over it. While trying to decide on the matter, I put out feelers to volunteer while I have some free time.

Right before the beginning of the summer, I originally thought of an org I know about that works with child survivors of war. We have a local group that has done some pretty terrific things. When I initially contacted them, I didn't hear back. I've volunteered for many non-profits before, so I realized that this was not entirely uncommon. I contacted them a few weeks later and was told that the volunteer efforts centered around tutoring and that efforts to recruit would start again in September for the new school year. Perfectly understandable.

Knowing I was flying off to India shortly, I decided to hold off on volunteering. In my mind, we would get "virtually" pregnant in July and I would resume working. I'm still surprised by some of my naivety. Especially since a big part of me KNEW that there was only a small chance of this happening

After our return from India, I happened upon some volunteer options while looking at local things to do for Fourth of July. Saw some things and filed it away in the back of my head. A week later we got the bad news about our negative pregnancy result, and I went back to the volunteer site. After reviewing all of the options, I promptly contacted a local org that helps low-income people affected by HIV/AIDS. Two weeks passed and I sent a follow-up email stating I had not heard back from anyone (again, not unusual).

The next morning I received a call. Basically asking,  "when can I start?" Not only did they need someone, but I was informed that a computer savvy volunteer that can work in the day time was a rare commodity. I came in that week, we talked, and the meeting was awesome. I gave out ideas of how to streamline processes and basically let it be known that I wanted to help in a variety of capacities.

Fast forward to today. Went back this morning for another meeting and was asked that if a lead job position came open later in the year, would there be a possibility of interest? I said yes.

There is absolutely no guarantee of anything being available or that I will even like it there - but it's a start. And I'm excited.


  1. ... and i SO share your excitement!!

  2. Wow that's ace! Good on you x

    1. Thanks! It could mean nothing (and we may not be able to afford such a job change), but it's really nice to know that I have the power to set things in motion.


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