Friday, August 17, 2012

Blogger leaving: Faith to the Vishwas

Today I logged on to see that one of my favorite blogs had come to an end: Faith to the Vishwas. The site has been wiped except for the final goodbye post. Given their regular postings of daily life, I wonder if they received some sort of harassment. Especially since the site is wiped cleaned.

That may be my overactive imagination and cynical nature. I hope so. Maybe it was just time to retire back to private life. As a person who doesn't even show my own picture on my blog, I certainly understand that.

Faith to the Vishwas was such an encouraging site and I adored watching the girls grow. For those of you that missed it, you missed a lot. 2 men and girl triplets = more adventures than most of us can even imagine. I remember showing my husband videos and pictures of the girls in various adventures and often we would laugh out loud in glee. Your family will be missed and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. 


  1. I never read that blog, bummer, sounds like a good one!

    1. It was great. They posted pics and videos of their 3 girls all the time. Was kinda out of the blue that they stopped, so that has me a little worried.

  2. Thanks for the concern and kind words.
    We're all worries...just time to disappear into the background!
    Best wishes to you!!

  3. Yes Edward, you and your adorable family will be greatly missed!


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