Saturday, September 21, 2013

They're Here!!!

Super duper quick update before the zombie makers wake up!

The twins were born last Sunday a little before noon. Labor started the night before and was very tough for my SIL. The next day she made the decision to have a c-section as Baby A was not progressing, even though labor had been going on for quite some time and was extremely rough. After the c-section, we almost lost my SIL as she threw-up and passed out at the same time, causing fluid to go into her lungs. The great medical team at our hospital were able to quickly aspirate and revive her. Scary stuff! Especially for my poor brother!!!

Long story short - she is doing fine now and was discharged either Wednesday or Thursday.

Our Baby Boy (the trouble maker) did great. He was born 7lbs 1 oz. He was discharged on Wednesday, but technically could have been sent home Tuesday. They gave us an extra day because our little girl was in NICU.

Baby Girl went into NICU originally because of her weight. The hospital requires any baby born under 5lbs to go to NICU and she was 4lbs 14oz. That's over a 2lb difference than her brother!!! We aren't exactly sure why there was such a difference, but they told us it occasionally happens, even when twins don't share a placenta.

While in NICU, Baby Girl was having trouble eating so she initially got a feeding tube. Her blood sugar levels were also occasionally low. We were able to feed her some by bottle and some by feeding tube. Every day she progressed and needed the feeding tube less. Her blood sugar improved and we were finally able to take her home on Friday - which was really great because the hospital is over an hour away and too difficult to take her brother back and forth (he isn't allowed in NICU).

Every one is doing well as we are adjusting to life with twins. It's completely an utterly wonderful, but also scary - especially when the little one doesn't eat her minimum requirement. I'm adjusting to the not sleeping better than I thought, course don't quote me on that during the 3AM feedings.  Between 12 AM and 3 AM the twins tends to think it's party time.

Sorry for the absence - but truthfully I don't expect it to get better. Still - I will continue this blog as there is still soooooooooooooooo much to write and I know that other's blogs really really helped me. 1 year ago I thought there was no chance I would have any more biological children of my own. I had resigned myself to donor eggs, which in our circumstance would have greatly increased our time before we could try surrogacy again. To be clear, I would have loved ANY child coming into our lives, but I am very happy that I get a chance (for better or for worse) to see how a mix of our families will turn out AND that we don't have to wait many more years. At 41, that would have been tough.

That's it for me. I wasn't kidding when I wrote "zombie makers". My days are blending and I forget things very quickly. Not sure if I need a nap right now or dinner. Guess I go ask my hubby. :-)


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your twins. It sounds like it was really scary for your brother, but glad your SIL is ok. We just brought our twins home today after 18 days in the NICU.

    1. Oh wow! Congrats to you! That must have been very scary. We actually had a fairly benign stay there except for a couple things. But she never needed an IV, so we felt pretty lucky.

  2. Congrats, so happy to hear your wonderful news and that all is now well. What are their names?

  3. HUGE CONGRATULATION HUGS!! I'm happy to hear that you are home with your treasures and that your SIL is alright. Soon enough, babies will learn the night and day thing, so the nights will be easier for all of you. Take your time and sleep during daytime along with them! It will make you a better person, believe me :D
    Love from Sweden!

  4. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you that you finally got your babies. Your SIL is a trooper. What an amazing thing she has done for you. I'm so glad she ended up being okay. Can't wait to read more about the babies and your journey into parenthood. I do understand that you will have your hands full, so write when you can :)

  5. Congratulations on the birth of your twins! Wonderful news x

  6. I'm so glad that they have arrived and even happier that your SIL is okay. Scary stuff! Praying for all!

  7. Congrats!!! So happy for you guys!!!

  8. Wow! what fantastic news! congratulations.

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  12. congrats.. happy blog.. thanks for sharing


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